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        4th International PEEK meeting

        2019-03-22 18:55:20 

        Drexel University is pleased to announce that the 4th International PEEK meeting will be reconvened in Washington, D.C., in April 25-26, 2019. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together engineers, scientists, regulators, and clinicians from academia, industry, and government agencies and present leading-edge research on advancements in medical grade PEEK technology and clinical applications. The first day of the conference will include focused sessions on additive manufacturing of PEEK medical devices, organized in collaboration with scientists from FDA. Although all scientific studies, clinical applications and innovations related to the broad family of medical grade PAEKs are welcome at this conference, the majority of submissions expected to be related to implantable PEEK and its composites.

        The 4th International PEEK Meeting will focus on identifying and closing gaps in the regulatory science for medical grade PEEK technology and clinical applications including:

        - Advances in the additive manufacturing of PEEK and its composites
        - Innovations in orthopaedic bearings
        - Bioactive PEEK composites
        - Advances in spinal rods and artificial disc applications
        - Advances in formulations for dental, trauma, and arthroscopic implants
        - Structural composites and woven fiber applications

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