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        2019-04-30 13:21:10 

        Bringing together thousands of attendees from OEMs, tier 1 manufacturers, and supply chain partners, Advanced Engineering is the UK’s largest annual advanced engineering and manufacturing event.
        With a two-day attendance of some 15,000 engineering professionals, Advanced Engineering promotes supply chain business and technology transfer across aerospace, automotive, medical technology, energy, and indeed any sector that involves high-value manufacturing, R & D and innovation.
        The most recent edition of Advanced Engineering in 2018 enjoyed a 10% rise in OEM and tier 1 attendance compared to its previous outing, positioning it as the UK industry’s truly must-attend event. As a result, exhibitors have already been booking at a record rate for 2019, keener than ever to showcase their products and solutions for design, test, measurement, inspection, production, and manufacturing technology.

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